Andrew M. Rubenstein, Esq.

As a client of Andrew's I found him to be professional, courteous and available every step of the process. In a difficult real estate transaction Andrew was able to represent my interests and communicate the benefits of every concession. Thank you Andrew I look forward to using you again and referring to friends and clients.

Having Andrew as my clients’ real estate legal representative means that they are going to be well taken care of; he is an extremely knowledgeable and caring team player whom clients and realtors alike can depend on. He can often anticipate what was going to happen and worked diligently to prevent any issues from arising and if they did, had creative solutions to keep deals on track. I highly recommend Andrew as your real estate attorney. -Sari Pearce, Realtor

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Stephen T. Allen, Esq.

Steve was an amazing attorney to work with when buying my house! I was dealing with special circumstances (first time home buyer after a foreclosure) and he was incredibly helpful in navigating the process. I could count on a response from him at any time, even to the silliest of questions I might have. At zero hour, we hit a major glitch, and Steve went WAY above and beyond what was necessary to resolve it. He is a truly dedicated professional!

Stephen Allen was our lawyer for our first home buying process. He was friendly, extremely helpful, and responsive. He was always available to answer questions, and made everything clear and accessible. At closing, Steve's plain English candor and down to earth explanations of the complex financial documents that comprise the home buying process was beyond appreciated and brought unexpected understanding and levity to an otherwise tedious process. We could not be happier about the work Stephen did for us, and would recommend him to anyone looking for a real estate lawyer.

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Katelin Jade Roche, Esq.

I have the privilege of working closely with her on a weekly basis for shared clients and constantly seeing her in action. Last week, we had a closing that got sticky at the end. The realtors and attorneys, to whom the buyers were looking for advice, were getting petty and even a bit nasty. A realtor even called her at 11 PM the night before. I can’t begin to express how impressed and amazed I was at how Katelin handled the situation. She was the adult in the room, despite others having many more years on her in both age and experience. She handled all parties and the heated issues with composure, a matter-of-fact approach, sprinkled with lots of humor to put all at ease. What a performance! This is not by accident. She is well-trained in her profession, combined with an ability to manage others’ emotions and get to the root of the problem, and the mental competency and innate ability to solve problems effectively. Thank you, Katelin – not just for all you do but for who you are.

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